Vegan Option Surcharge


Vegan Option Surcharge

Enhance your cookie order with our specially crafted vegan option!
If you're choosing vegan cookies, please add this 'Vegan Option' to your cart and then adjust the quantity to match the total number of vegan cookies in your main order. For example, if you're ordering 12 cookies and you want them all to be vegan, add this 'Vegan Option' to your cart and then change the quantity to 12.

Note: The price listed is per cookie. This surcharge is an addition to your main cookie order.

If you choose this option, it means the cookie base will be made with vegan chocolate instead of vanilla or ginger flavour.

This option is applicable when the cookie product is offered in vanilla or ginger flavor. 
However, this option isn't applicable for Frü Frü cookies because the royal icing contains egg.