R U OK?Day 2023 is Thursday 14 September.

This is the day when we all put on our "caring capes" and remind Aussies that asking, "Are you OK?" isn't just a one-day thing – it's an everyday superhero move!

Be the conversation starter, the champion listener, and help others feel connected and supported. Remember, you possess the ability to transform any ordinary day into an "Are You OK?" day! 🦸‍♀🦸‍♂

But wait, there's more! Guess who takes center stage? It's our R U OK? stamped logo cookie! 🍪✨ Everybody is like, "Give me one of those, and a side of mixed positive messages, please!" 🗨🍪

So, say 'R U OK?' with Cookies and spread the message of connection and support. Don't forget, a simple conversation can make a world of difference! 🍪🗨❤🌏

Written by Team Mickie

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