Meet our newest cookie….. The BIG MICKIE


We wanted to create a BIG ass cookie that could be enjoyed like a cake, shared for intimate occasions or sent as a celebratory gift. We love the nostalgia of the hand piped large cookies and cake so wanted to create our own with some fun messaging in our signature sweet fondant. 

Inspired by the homemade birthday cakes of our childhood, our cookie cake is hand made in small batches at Sweet Mickie HQ. Baked with Belgian caramelised or dark chocolate, sea salt baked to a soft….. gooey on the outside crunchy on the outside texture…. DROOL!  The cookie is perfectly fluffy and chewy and is an awesome gift for the chocolate lovers in your life.


You can purchase the mickie for same day delivery Melb Same Day delivery including “Happy Birthday”, “Big Love”, “Big Hugs”, “Super Mum” and “Super Dad”. Quotes will not be available for national sending as they may move or break in transit. But the plain cookies can be shipped nationwide.


HOT TIP - Pop your Big Mickie in the oven for 15 mins at 160° and serve gooey and warm and with ice cream for an extra delicious treat. 


We hope you love them as much as we do! 



Written by Team Mickie