This festive season, we’ve teamed up with Matrix by L’Oreal to create a limited edition pack to create a moment of luxe self care at home. The last year has been tough on all of us so we want to emphasise the notion of... ‘Me time’.  Time taking time to care for yourself in the way we often do for others. So together we enlisted the help of local artist Ellen Porteus to design a very special artwork for the box and the result is pretty sweet! Oh and it also has a $10 voucher to spend online on our cookies. We also created some fun hair pun cookies for their clients to launch. 

About Matrix

Matrix has been around for 40+ years with the main focus always revolving around inclusivity, diversity and accessibility within the professional industry, striving to be innovative to cater to every hair type while maintaining an accessible price point for every customer. Matrix have every curl and boy covered with eight different packs for all hair types, so no one misses out. At Matrix, everyone is welcome; All hair types, all humans. 

Ellen Porteus

To bring this collaboration to life, Matrix and Sweet Mickie enlisted the help of Melbourne-based artist Ellen Porteus to create the artwork for these limited edition packs. We have been longtime fans of her work, which creates worlds of clever, bold, colourful work spanning the realms of illustration, animation and installation.
Ellen’s art for this campaign is encapsulated by bold and punchy illustrations which reflect what self-care and me time looks like for many people. If you look closely at the pack, every motif represents a different element of treating yourself and living your best life. Ellen’s bright, cheeky and playful depictions of everyday life made her the perfect fit for this campaign and the only choice when picking the right artist for the job!

Our Pledge

It can be difficult to put aside time for yourself for a lot of Australians, so we are pleased to also say that we are continuing our partnership with Foodbank Australia to ensure that everyone feels the love this coming Christmas season.  

Every year 1 in 5 Australians experience food insecurity. The Food Bank provides food for 815,000 each month and advocates for those affected. Matix and Sweet Mickie will be making a donation to Food Bank as a part of the campaign. 

These limited edition packs are available for purchase from the Matrix online store as well as authorised Matrix retailers in Australia. 


Lots of love,

The Sweet Mickie Team X

Written by Team Mickie

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