Whether you’re looking to add a flavoursome flair to your company logo, create memorable gifts for your hard working team or elevate your next event with some personalised cookies, we are here to help! 

Specialising in personalisation, our in house designer has the ability to turn your ideas into edibles! With a selection of customisable options, we offer a cookie for every corporate event! Choose from our edible image, custom text or even create your own design with our custom 3D stamp cookies.

If you are looking to see your logo sitting proudly upon a deliciously mouth watering cookie, edible images are probably the perfect option for you! All you have to do is upload a high resolution file of your chosen image and we will print it onto edible paper using our super suave edible image printer named Pixie! It will then be placed on top of white icing on your choice of either our vanilla shortbread or signature ginger cookie.

Sweet Mickie corporate cookies with edible logo for corporate events and gift delivery

Shop Edible Image Cookies HERE

Wanting to send out a sweet and simple 'thank you' to your team or write your own message for an event, our custom text cookies are a great option! Stamped into your choice of our icing colour in our standard font, you can personalise your message to say whatever you want.

Sweet Mickie custom cookies for corporate events, corporate gifting and bulk send outs

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If you're looking for something super sleek, refined and polished, our custom 3D stamps are just that. Taking your logo or company font, we create your very own custom stamp which is pressed into your choice of icing colour. The great thing about the custom stamps is that they are ready and reusable for future orders!

Sweet Mickie corporate cookies for events and staff gift delivery - custom 3D stamp


Enquire about Custom 3D Stamps HERE

And the customisation doesn't stop there! Take your pick of flavours between our signature ginger or vanilla shortbread, or better yet - have a mixture of the two! Depending on which cookie you go for, we have a varied selection of icing colours to choose from, with our team having a keen eye for matching the icing to your brand colours. Want to pimp your cookie? We can add boujee extras like gold leaf or candy confetti to make the cookies extra special! 

Are you looking to send your staff some well deserved treats? Our corporate cookies are perfect for gift delivery all over Australia, and it just so happens one of our specialties is managing corporate gifting and bulk send outs, no matter how many locations or how many staff members. Our team of professionals are able to organise branded sleeves, custom gift notes and even custom labels for the cookie bags.

For more information on bulk send outs contact our sales team HERE

Written by Team Mickie

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