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Our cookies are handmade using wholesome ingredients. Fresh out the oven, given some lovin', with some cheeky icing on top. We offer our original Golden Ginger cookies and a Vanilla Shortbread. We ship our cookies Australia wide. We create a ready-to-go range for gifts, events, and wholesale for cafes and gift stores. We can also create custom quotes for corporate events, parties and weddings.



About Sweet Mickie 

Hi I'm Emma, 
I started Sweet Mickie in 2014 to ‘take the mickie’....on a bickie for my friends.  I wanted to create fun gifts for them and saw the joy they got from food and figured... you can't eat flowers!  
So I took a family golden ginger cookie recipe, a sprinkle of sarcasm and Sweet Mickie was born. 
The cookies fast became my outlet to express myself and my often suppressed sense of humour in my everyday job in Marketing and Advertising. 
And so I traded writing corporate tweets for puns on treats. 
I come from three generations of food business owners with my Mum and Nanna having cafes, ice cream and cookie shops (apparently the cookie doesn't fall far from the tree). 
Treat Yo Self.  
Emma Lousie Head