A not-so-cookie-cutter story

We started out in 2015 with an idea to take the Mickie out of a family biscuit recipe. The goal was to create a fun gift as an alternative to flowers — and once we saw the joy people got from our sassy homemade cookies, the rest was history!

Sweet Mickie cookies are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or just about any occasion you can think of. PLUS, we have a personalisation option to make all your custom cookie dreams *crumb* true 😉

The original quote cookie

Over the years we've perfected our recipe to bring you delicious cookies that are guaranteed to make you smile AND salivate! We like to keep it sweet and simple, just like our family recipe. All cookies are homemade in Melbourne from real 100% butter, sugar, flour, eggs and a whole lotta love (plus a few other magic ingredients you can read about HERE).

Compostable Packaging

Our Sweet Mickie cookies are individually heat-sealed in packaging made from corn, which is 100% compostable! In addition to this, we pack with recycled materials where possible or that can be recycled once you've finished eating your delicious cookies!

About Emma

Founder & Director of Sweet Mickie, Emma Head, originally hails from Adelaide but moved to Melbourne in 2014 and found herself in a career path she wasn’t enjoying. After reflecting on her life and the powerhouse business women in it (thanks Mum & Nan!), Emma realised she wanted to make people feel good and run her own business. After identifying how much Melbournians love food as well as a gap in the gifting market, she had a lightbulb moment! That's when Sweet Mickie was born — a business founded in Emma's love for using her tongue-in-cheek voice to take the mickie on a bickie.

Initially Emma was just baking for friends and making cookies with funny quotes, but after tiring of the Instagram health culture she began adding funny social commentary on cookies. They were adorned with quotes like ‘kale free’, ‘save sugar’, ‘butter me up’ and ‘Kate Moss lied’ (in response to her quote ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’). At the time, no-one else was making quote cookies or marketing cookies on Instagram, which is likely why Sweet Mickie took off so quickly. Soon, Emma had amassed a pretty loyal and loving following and their orders were streaming through.

Starting out humbly from a kitchen Fitzroy North, Emma now operates in a commercial kitchen and warehouse space where her team of 6 cookie connoisseurs help to run the daily operations of Sweet Mickie. Emma successfully built a "feel good gift company" which exclusively trades in the business of being delicious and delighting. People use Sweet Mickie cookies as a medium to talk to their friends and Emma has seen some pretty epic quote cookies on her journey! She explains, "we’ve had many custom swear word cookies, some breakup cookies, naughty sex proposal cookies for Valentines Day, even ‘yay for new tits’ cookies for a friend that was going through a mastectomy. We’re lucky to have funny, intelligent, humorous customers and they inspire us to be more humorous and focus on what they want which is the funny and naughty. What makes me excited about going to work every day is that we’re making people feel good and giving people an opportunity to laugh in a hard time." Is there anything better? (Nope, we checked.)