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R U OK? Cookies

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R U OK Day is more relevant than ever!

After the last couple of years of uncertainty, checking in with the people around you has never been more important. And with R U OK Day just around the corner, we wanted to create some bright and sunny R U OK cookies to help start those conversations and brighten someone's day.

Each cookie is stamped with 'R U OK' in yellow icing.

The R U OK Day event is held annually on the second Thursday of September, with the 2023 event being on 14th September.We'll be donating 25 cents from every cookie sold to the R U OK charity.

If you require us to manage a bulk send out directly to staff or friends please email us.

R U OK is a charity day encouraging everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life. For conversation tips and help-seeking information, please visit

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